Transform Your Office Space with Woden Environmental Cleaning Services!

Special Offer until end of September

Rhys Inez

9/15/20231 min read

brown and black office table and four black cantilever chairs
brown and black office table and four black cantilever chairs

Hi there, I'm Rhys Inez, and I'm excited to introduce Woden Environmental Cleaning Services to all the amazing professionals on LinkedIn! 🏒✨

Are you tired of dealing with everyday stains, dusty desks, and worn-out floors in your office? Let us help you make a lasting impression with our top-notch cleaning services. At Woden Environmental, we specialize in making offices like yours look their absolute best! πŸ’ΌπŸŒŸ

What sets us apart? It's simple - our unwavering commitment to delivering a high-quality clean while paying meticulous attention to every detail. πŸ§ΉπŸ”

We've been proudly serving a number of offices in your building for the past 3 years, and we are thrilled to extend our services to your workplace too! 🀝

🌟 Here's what we have in store for you: 🌟

πŸ”Ή Low Cost Office Cleaning starting at just $90.00 per clean
πŸ”Ή Weekly attendance with all cleaning supplies provided
πŸ”Ή Trash removal for a pristine environment
πŸ”Ή Desks cleaned and sanitized for a fresh workspace
πŸ”Ή Restrooms thoroughly cleaned for a hygienic atmosphere
πŸ”Ή Carpet cleaning to maintain a professional appearance
πŸ”Ή Mopping of wet areas and hard floors for a polished look

Whether you have a small office space or a team of 2-3 people within 200 square meters, our tailored bundle is designed just for you! πŸ’ͺ

We genuinely care about understanding your specific needs and challenges. Let's connect and explore how our services can make a difference for your business. πŸ€—

For a FREE assessment of your cleaning requirements, feel free to reach out to me directly at 0437 706 560 or drop me an email at I'd love to chat with you! 😊

Together, let's create a spotless and welcoming office environment that leaves a lasting impression on your clients and employees alike. 🌈✨

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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