What is included in the office cleaning service with us?

  • Woden Environmental Cleaning Services tailors our office cleaning services to the specific requirements of each location. When you choose our office cleaning services, we make certain that you understand what is covered, and we do frequent site audits to guarantee that the work is completed correctly. Commercial office cleaning may mainly cover the floor and desks in your workplace, but it can also include the lobby, bathrooms, and any kitchens that you may have. We have years of expertise in office cleaning and can handle any office cleaning job!

How often should you clean an office?

  • An office cleaning routine will be tailored to your specific needs. You can get away with less frequent cleaning if you simply have a few staff. If you have a large workplace with a lot of foot activity, you should schedule cleanings more frequently. Some office cleaning duties, such as vacuuming and cleaning the restrooms, should be done every day, however major carpet cleaning should only be done every six months. 

How do we clean your offices?

  • Depending on the type of cleaning required, office cleaning firms use a range of methods to clean offices. ‘Area cleaning’ may be implemented in big locations where a full-time cleaning team may take a full week to accomplish the essential duties, whilst smaller facilities may have daily office cleaning for the little jobs, with a monthly or weekly deep clean. With our services, you have complete visibility into how our staff will clean your workplace and when you can anticipate various office cleaning services to be completed.